Springfield, Ill. – The results of two statewide polls focusing on ethics reform and the state’s budget shortfall were released this week, said State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry). Lawmakers are also gearing up to return to Springfield for the second half of the Fall Veto Session.  

Sen. Althoff said that the discussion on redistricting reform will continue during a hearing scheduled for Oct. 28 in the Illinois Statehouse. Lawmakers will resume consideration of proposals to change Illinois’ redistricting process. The Senate Redistricting Committee has met over the last few months to discuss redistricting and consider expert testimony on possible reforms to the current system.

While experts and lawmakers overwhelmingly agree that reforms are needed, opinions differ on what those reforms should be. A recent poll released Oct. 19 by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute shows that Illinois voters also support changing the way the state draws legislative boundaries.
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