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Sen. Althoff bills signed into law

Three bills sponsored by State Senator Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry) were signed into law on June 30—House Bill 2973, House Bill 2801, and Senate Bill 1519.

House Bill 2973 transfers duties, information, and report responsibilities from the Illinois Discharged Service-members Task Force to the Illinois Veterans' Advisory Council, which is made up of the VFW, American Legion, and other service organizations. 

“I have been a proud member of the Illinois Discharged Service-members Task Force since 2008,” said Sen. Althoff. “Our job was to address the growing concerns that veterans returning home were not utilizing state programs to help them adjust to civilian life. However, the task force seemed redundant with what the Illinois Veterans’ Advisory Council was already doing. Reduction in government and consolidation is always a good thing.”

Governor Rauner also signed House Bill 2801 into law, which creates parity in the tax rates that are paid on diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas, and propane when used in motor vehicles.

“This new law is a more appropriate distribution of the Motor Fuel Tax,” said Sen. Althoff. “No matter what fuel type a vehicle runs on, the State will collect the same amount of revenue that is then shared with local units of governments.”

Sen. Althoff also sponsored Senate Bill 1519, which removes specialized degree and experience requirements for those seeking employment at the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

“This law attempts to address the shortage of teachers and other degreed personnel that seems to be a continuing problem at the Department of Juvenile Justice,” said Sen. Althoff. “It is the hope that by lessening the job requirements, more people will be able to apply for open positions.”

Sen. Althoff carried nearly 200 bills this session, 66 of them have passed both chambers and are awaiting the Governor’s signature. A list of her bills can be found here.  

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